Sandi Barnes-Austin, Texas

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I Have Radically Changed My Way of Being

I’ve been a Resonance Repatterning(RR) client of Mary’s for 7 years. When I first started I had no idea what was going on with me or how things would turn out for my life. My integrative medical practitioner advised me to see Mary because I was dealing with Chronic Fatigue/Insomnia/Gut-Brain Issues. I was just like most Americans, asleep and unconscious of whom I was what I was doing or where I was going as a person. I did not even know that Therapy would be beneficial for me; I thought I was doing alright as a person. I was on auto-pilot and had my subconscious mind in charge; always reacting to situations. Getting my chain yanked by other. The work that Mary and I have done together has been transforming and incredible beyond words. Thank you to all the Healers who shared their gifts with Chloe. Thank you, Chloe, for putting all the books/questions/statements/healing modalities together and getting them out to other Healers. Thank you, Mary, for your dedicated, consistent work that is transforming lives. What makes Mary the Best Facilitator for healing oneself thru RR is multifaceted. Besides being an Angel on earth Mary is kind, compassionate, intelligent, non-judgmental, comforting, insightful, has gone thru her own healing journey, has had a rich spiritual explorative life, and has a great deal of knowledge concerning traditional therapy. In sessions with Mary we uncover my deep seeded beliefs, converse about how I got them and then transform the incoherent thoughts into coherent thoughts after a quick, non-invasive healing modality. I leave a session feeling better than I walked in, even when I walk in with nothing major concerning me. I have radically changed my way of being and I truly love myself and my life now. I take care of and nurture myself. I am centered and grounded, unrattled by unexpected undesirable life events or difficult people. I am curious how the rest of my life will unfold, and I firmly believe my life is and will continue to be amazing. As a byproduct of RR my Health has returned. Previously, there were days I was so exhausted I literally could not speak or move. I was relegated to the couch and I wondered if that would be my life-certainly not the life I had in mind. I could not catch up on rest because I could not sleep. I had various digestive issues and food intolerances. Nowadays I have the energy to work, walk my dog, go out dancing, talk, smile and laugh with others. I am off prescribed sleep medication and can fall and stay asleep on my own. I am alive, and my life is so much better due to the knowledge I have gained about myself thru RR and Mary’s Art of Healing. I can now be the person I always wanted to be; conscious, kind, compassionate, helpful, caring, strong, knows and holds boundaries with others, grounded, calm, loving, present, positive, appreciative, forgiving, peaceful, hopeful, happy, healthy, and a pleasure for others to be around.