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Clarity II

Individual Sessions

This is a private 1-1 transformational session that runs about 1.5 to 2 hours and we meet online via my Zoom video conference room.

The Clarity Package

The Clarity Package

The Clarity Package I includes 10 sessions during 6 months of intense Resonance Repatterning® sessions focusing on specific areas you wish to transform in your life. Two sessions a month for the first two months, one session a month for the next two months, then two sessions a month for the remaining two months. During these 6 months- there will be weekly email check-ins to celebrate your joys and gains.


The Clarity Package II

Clarity II is designed to continue the transformation experienced in The Clarity Package I and build upon it. It is a way to find support and continued growth in the context of Resonance Repatterning®. Clarity II is a year-long program that includes 12 sessions – one every month. Again, you will be able to choose the same two-hour block each month to carve out time for yourself.

Couple's Session

These sessions are similar to the individual sessions but specifically designed for a couple. People have experienced profound and dramatic transformations in their relationships when they attend Resonance Repatterning® together. It is wonderful for me to watch their relationships grow and change.

Family or Group Sessions

Family or Group Sessions are a wonderful way for a family to work through their issues in a safe space. Each member becomes more resonant with the other and thereby they all become more harmonious. The Group Sessions can also be extended to friends who share the same issues and prefer to work together.