K.S. – Artist, The Clarity Package Testimonial

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Mary Schneider is truly gifted as a healer. I embarked on my journey with Mary through The Clarity Package. Mary’s warm, kind nature put me at ease right from the onset. My first order of business with The Clarity Package was to heal my past, in order to resonate my true nature and get clear about my present and future. Healing the past involved healing wounds from my childhood, which was fraught with trauma and abuse. Healing past hurts, unresolved feelings and letting go of unhealthy parental patterns, including codependency, healing pain and embracing forgiveness. My past pain had manifested into many physical ailments, from intense pressure behind my eyes and severe headaches, to joint inflammation, stiff, rigid muscles and skeletal system; as well as digestive disturbances, blood sugar issues and food intolerances. Plus, mood swings and depression. Through my first session with Mary we balanced an overactive sympathetic nervous system and engaged the parasympathetic nervous system to kick in – which enabled me to get out of “fight or flight” mode. For the first time in my life, I felt a sense of stress relief and peace. I am also able to sleep very deeply, which I have not done since the very beginning of my life. I had always been a very light sleeper (always on “alert” mode) and would wake up throughout the night and not be able to get back to sleep. Also, my thoughts would race, and I would not be able to shut them off. Numerous other therapies were performed, ranging from chakra balancing, color and sound therapy, to scripting and letting go of unhealthy patterns that were holding me back, while embracing new healthy resonance patterns. Since my Clarity Package sessions with Mary, I have been able to heal the painful past of my childhood, as well as move forward from a painful breakup with a narcissist who also had other elements of a personality disorder. We set my resonance to attract healthy, non-codependent relationships and let go of those unhealthy patterns, while healing my pain from that destructive relationship. The numerous health issues that I had been having have subsided – I can move freely, without the stiffness, my digestion is strong and blood sugar balanced. My chronic back pain and shoulder and neck stiffness is gone – and I feel good. I feel like a new person, who has left the past behind and am a great, authentic version of myself I always knew existed, but was hidden and held back by my past. Life for me now is joyful and carefree. I’m able to handle stress and detect unhealthy situations and relationships and steer clear. I sleep deeply and do not have racing thoughts. I no longer get anxiety when speaking in groups. I am the self-assured, joyful person I was always meant to be, and I have Mary to thank. People can go to therapy for years and not be able to even scratch the surface of healing. Through the healing arts and The Clarity Package, Mary is able to hone in on what you need to heal and be the best version of yourself, and I am eternally grateful. If you are interested in Resonance Repatterning, but not sure if it’s right for you, I can tell you – this stuff really works. I have always been an advocate of natural healing, and Resonance Repatterning will continue to be a big part of my life and my journey. I feel I have gotten my life back, and I have Mary Schneider to thank. My life is whatever I want it to be now, because there is nothing holding me back from experiencing the true love, peace, health and happiness I know I deserve.

-K.S. – Artist, The Clarity Package Testimonial