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My Children Benefit from Each Session

I was first introduced to Mary Schneider through a friend that encouraged me to bring my son to her for an appointment to relieve him of his challenges around the death of his Father.  Not wanting to subject him to any healing work I had not tried and researched, I spent quite a bit of time researching HR and also Mary, herself.
Once satisfied, I scheduled a session for me and was simply amazed with the power of the work to clearly identify an issue, name the source of the problem (and not dwell on it), shift the energy of the problem and set a new modality to operate.
For the next 15 months, I worked on my issues as a widow, ensuing weight gain, challenges with money, my family, my spiritual identity, being a single mom, and the ever frightening new relationship I wanted to create.
My children(10 and 12) benefit from each session by having more peaceful, loving and powerful Mom, and they too have their own private sessions with Mary.  Oh, the 8 years after the death of my husband, I’m dating a fantastic man for almost a year and our relationship has more intimacy, respect and freedom than any I’ve ever experienced.
Thank you Mary, for giving me the tools to design the new life I want to lead.