Ellen McCarty, Head Coach Allison Maslan International

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We Got Our Spirited Girl Back

I went to Mary for help for my daughter who had long suffered with severe disabling anxiety. After months of traditional therapy with some slow progress, one ‘Repatterning’ produced results nothing short of miraculous. It is as if her anxiety and fear have literally been replaced with a calm knowing and certainty that all is well. She is truly happy, confident and at ease now on a daily basis! She has even returned to her art and is much more comfortable being still. She no longer has fear around speaking her truth because she feels certain of her choices and much more at ease. She even asked me if Mary repatterned all of us! A bonus is she says her brother is being much more kind and supportive to her; that she experiences me as being more fun and available to her. Best of all…we all got our beautiful spirited girl back!