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Its Long-Term Effects Are Deeper and More Powerful

I have received many HR treatments from Mary over about the past year and a half. During that time, I have never felt the need to see another practitioner because Mary is simply the best. She knows me well and we have a powerful and positive “working” relationship. My treatments have ranged from dealing with past issues with parents and siblings to making permanent, positive changes in my physical health, not to mention my core issue: Learning to appreciate the gift that is my life! Mary has helped me immensely to handle anger, frustration, guilt and general resistance to life with much greater ease, fun and grace. Since life is a “work in progress”, I know I will continue using her services. However, unlike psychiatry, seminars or other forms of intellectually-based treatments for the human condition, I have received more relief and personal transformation during that eighteen months than if I had seen a counselor for ten years and paid hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even though HR is very reasonably-priced compared to other forms of treatment, its long-term effects are deeper and more powerful than even the most intensive psychiatric therapy, without the semi-weekly visits and huge medical bills. I am deeply grateful for having found Mary and HR. I would recommend her service to anyone!