Cathy – Austin, TX

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Where would we be without serendipity?

Serendipity brought me to Mary and I am never again going to doubt that the Universe has got my back!

I have done talk therapy off and on for many years; seeking it out when life got hard or confusing.  It has always been beneficial, but the progress occurred at such a snail’s pace.  Tiny little layers of the onion being pulled away, tiny little surface wounds healing.   It was a talk therapist who suggested I find a holographic resonance repatterning practitioner because I had expressed how I wanted more change and I wanted to go faster.

Sweet Serendipity!

So I did some research, made a few calls and decided to meet Mary to explore what holographic repatterning is about.  Two years and two Clarity packages later, I am truly amazed and grateful for my transformation.  This is the best gift I have ever given myself!

It has taken great courage and an open-hearted and open-minded presence to go meet Mary and be repatterned.  I have never once been afraid to walk into Mary’s studio though.  I have gone eagerly and with a deep curiosity about my present self, my original self, about life and about the Creator and Universe.  Resonance Repatterning works. With each session I have healed not a surface wound, but a deep-seated dysfunctional belief.  Each session builds coherence and resonance of the whole person and has helped me to identify my truest beliefs and align and define my authenticity.  Abiding Joy for Life is the result.

In my last session, a repatterning for abundance, the energy level was extraordinarily high, a palpable vibration I felt all over my body and one that Mary felt too.    How cool is that?!!  This is when you know without a doubt, that all things are connected and there are no accidental encounters.

I am grateful for having met and worked with Mary. In doing so, I have found that I Am Enough. Life Is Enough. And in the Enough, I have found Abundance.