Ariel, Austin, Texas

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Repatterning Has Transformed My Life

Well it’s a long pending testimonial. I tried writing it so many times but never found words to describe what Mary does. Repatterning has transformed my life. I went to Mary initially to address some physical pain which was hurting me very, very badly. And I had pain all over. And I ended up getting healed for my physical pain and over 25 years of emotional baggage. I have no words to describe what she does and what happens in session but after the session is complete, I see a different person in me who is more happy and more confident. Repatterning was like a nourishment to my soul. If I look back at my life before I started these sessions and compare it to where I am now, the positive change in me was monumental. I no longer fear life and I feel very healthy. Mary is a God-sent angel on a mission to change people’s lives for better and heal their lives. She has healed stuff in me which doctors could not heal. Her sessions are priceless.”