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I Choose to Maintain the Power Over My Own Life

An outside observer might say that I have had a successful life thus far. I am a dentist by profession, was the CEO of a successful, international pharmaceutical company for almost 20 years, and appeared as a guest expert numerous times on The Today Show, The View, Fox News, The Apprentice with Donald Trump, and many others. I have also been a motivational speaker and co-led personal/leadership growth and development courses. With that said, we all have our inner demons that we have just learned to live with, and I am no exception. When I was first introduced to Mary, by a friend who had experienced very positive results with resonance repatterning, I had to go through my own assessment process. In the evaluation of any new modality, I always considered myself fortunate to have not only a scientific mind (I like to review double-blind, clinical studies), but also a strong commitment to holistic medicine. Bottom line, I am most committed to what works. When I met Mary, I was at a very low point in my life. I had recently faced a significant, traumatic, family event and experienced a severe vertigo event (e.g., had to hold on to walk, couldn’t drive, had to sleep sitting straight up) the evening before our first session. To say that Mary has contributed to my life with repatterning is an extreme understatement. I have conquered my vertigo and she has blessed me with a happiness and peace in my heart that I have never experienced. Here is what is important to me about resonance repatterning: Mary is not trying to fix us or tell us what we need to do differently or how we need to think differently. She simply guides us through a process that allows us to repattern ourselves, creating our own new energy and new reality. We cannot control the things that happen to us in our lives, but we can certainly have control over our response. I choose to maintain the power over my own life and am, therefore, committed to Repatterning for the rest of my life. Thank you, Mary!