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I Felt a Sense of Calm

It’s hard to explain the transformation I’ve experienced. I have had therapy of other types but never Repatterning and didn’t know what to expect.
After the first session, I felt a sense of calm that I didn’t quite understand. I went in with such a deep depression that I didn’t see how I was going to go on. I actually just wanted to make it through my son’s wedding.
​My son is married now, and I don’t want to just make it through life, but I LOVE Life. My relationship with my husband is healthy and growing better each day. ​I have changed into the person I was supposed to be, rather than the sad sack of person I’ve been for so many years. And not only have I changed and grown, but people around me have mellowed and changed. Especially my husband, who longer walks through life like the weight of the world is on his shoulders. ​
Thank you, Mary for helping me be ME.