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Sometimes I Can’t Wait to Go for A Session

I was first introduced to Holographic Repatterning (HR) by chance at a local herb store where Mary Schneider came to speak about HR. Although the description on the flyer of this seminar made little sense to me, I decided to go anyway. Her speech touched me on a personal level with stories I could relate with and it inspired me to learn more about the patterns we attract to our lives. Still not sure what HR really was, I made my first appointment a few weeks later and have been a client ever since. After my first repatterning I had made a major shift and it was evident I would not ever be living the life I was before. Sometimes I can’t wait to get there because I know exactly what I want to work on, other times I am in an impatient void and am surprised at how the muscle checking can perfectly identify what needs to be addressed. I would like to share some questions I have come across during the last two years of being an HR client.