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Resonance Repatterning – A Tool for Positive Change

“How long does it take?” Or, “How many times do I have to come back?” This is a personal decision. Inevitably some aspect of your life will change for the better after your first repatterning. Some people are content with one session; others will want to get more. Because I see HR as a tool on the path to wholeness, I choose to go once a month. It is a part of my wellness routine, like chiropractic, spiritual practice, exercise, and eating well. “Is HR a religion?” No. HR is a tool for positive change. Similar to going to a dentist for a toothache, you can go to an HR practitioner for a holistic approach to any mind/body/spirit ache. HR does not replace God in your life, but it can help with spiritual struggles you may have encountered by helping you gain mental clarity.