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Children Are More Grounded

“Since my son has been repatterned, the very real frustration and pressure that he was constantly dealing with is just not a big deal anymore. Previous to the sessions, I was constantly clashing with my son. I noticed the amount of pressure and frustration this poor little 4-year old was experiencing. I wanted a change and since then, I have never looked back. “These children that are getting this work done are more grounded and centered and less reactionary. Even at a very young age they handle emotions better. From a mother’s standpoint, you can actually see a change in how they process situations mentally and emotionally including in the mother/son, parent/child relationship. It creates a lot less frustration in the family unit itself. “I can physically feel when my son needs another Repatterning. Other benefits include my husband and I learning how to parent better and learning how to apologize. Curing the world of another person who has Mommy/Daddy issues so that they are free to explore, create and reach their potential or success in the way that they define it – without all the baggage – makes this a very hopeful place indeed.”