A Happy and Successful Client

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I came to see you last fall (October, maybe?). I was dealing with issues of extreme adrenal fatigue, and PTSD. I want you to know how much better I am feeling! Since the single session I had with you, I have steadily gotten better physically. But most of all, I feel that there are troubling or traumatic thought patterns that have dissolved. We did some work on issues with my mother, and I think that work helped to loosen some of the residue from more current traumatic events. I felt like a huge burden had been lifted right after I saw you. While that lovely feeling slowly faded, I have been able to have calm, peaceful moments that were impossible for me before. It is all a bit hard to describe, but I am convinced, without a doubt, that this technique, and your lovely skill and good humor, released me from some very old stuff. I plan to come in again as soon as possible.

Right after I saw you, my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer, and is in the process of dying. While this has been sad and stressful, and continues to be, I do feel I am handling things well. But I would have come back sooner if things had not been so hectic. I am really looking forward to doing more work with you as soon as possible.

Just wanted you to know that I have been thinking a lot about the session, and also hoping you are very well. Thank you! Thank you!

-A Happy and Successful Client