What is Resonance Repatterning About?

Basically, whatever we resonate with or whatever we are ‘in tune with’ is what we experience in our life.  For example if we dial our radio to a particular frequency, we are resonating with that radio wave band and we are going to get that program.

Mary Schneider

It is the same with us.  As new physics tells us, we are a mass of energy frequencies — both hi and low.  When our frequencies are resonating with something, we are going to experience that something in our lives.

Resonance Repatterning is a process for positive change based on new physics. New physics tells us all matter is energy.  If all matter is energy, then everything has a frequency.  Low back pain has a frequency, diseased organs have a frequency.  Since thought is matter, limiting belief systems and negative thought patterns all have frequencies too.  If you can optimize these frequencies, people notice profound, dramatic change in their lives and Resonance Repatterning is a process that optimizes frequencies.

When an individual experiences trauma on any level – physical, emotional, mental or spiritual – energetic blocks are created in the body-mind system.  These blocks prevent life energy from flowing freely through the system resulting in disease (or dis-ease), in every aspect of life.  Resonance Repatterning removes these blocks and allows life energy force to flow freely again — resulting in amazing and profound life transformation.

Please click to watch a 30 min video on Resonance Repatterning from it’s creator Chloe Wordsworth.


Resonance Repatterning takes into consideration the following fundamental tenets.  The first one is everyone has an “inner knower” that knows exactly what they need to heal themselves – and in what priority.  The second premise is for every issue, problem, disease or disorder a human being has, there is a structure underneath that issue, problem, disease or disorder specific to them.  The third premise is if we can find the structure of anything, we can switch it.  Resonance Repatterning is a process uncovering that structure.  And, since the structure is specific to the individual, the healing modalities used to switch the structure are also specific to the individual and their structure.

So, we use everything:

  • color
  • light
  • sound
  • movement
  • music
  • aromatherapy
  • flower essences
  • the Chinese 5 Element Acupuncture System
  • the Indian Ayurvedic Chakra System
  • cranio-sacral work
  • polarity therapy
  • EMDR
  • other modalities

We use these modalities in a specific combination designed to address the client’s particular issue. We are trained in all these modalities.

Resonance Repatterning was developed by Chloe Faith Wordsworth.  Chloe is in her late seventies and has been studying alternative therapies for the past fifty years.  She is a licensed acupuncturist.  Over the course of many years she developed this process.  Basically (and this is a very simplistic explanation), one day she had a client come in with a certain set of symptoms.  She performed a specific set of healing modalities on this individual and the symptoms disappeared.  Excited, she wrote these symptoms in her notebook – these symptoms were alleviated by ‘this process’.  A couple weeks later, someone else came in with the same symptomology and she thought, “I know what do to about this!” She went to her notebook, looked up the cure and performed the same set of modalities on this new person — and nothing happened.  Over time she deduced for every disease or disorder an individual has, there is a structure underneath the disease or disorder specific to the person.  That is why “one-size fits all” medicine does not necessarily work. Chloe developed a system to determine that structure. Resonance Repatterning is the system.

Resonance Repatterning is concerned with spiraling up to a higher energy state.  A lot of us are living in a lower energy state of non-coherence, at time spiraling down into an even lower state.  This lower energy state can be in the form of headaches, high blood pressure, worry about a child diagnosed with ADD, arguments with a partner, depression, etc. It could be anything.  In Resonance Repatterning, we say that every problem carries an opportunity in it.  The opportunity is that we can find out what we are resonating with keeping us in this lower energy state in our life, relationships, and our work.  Then we have an opportunity to take a point of choice and use the Resonance Repatterning system and spiral up into a higher energy state.  Therefore, we use the ‘opportunity’ of the problem (the block, the difficulty, or the failure) to uncover the pattern that underlies the problem.  And switch it!

Chloe Wordsworth says she has worked with psychiatrists who report that in ten minutes they have identified core life patterns they hardly touched on in five years of psychoanalysis.  She also tells us this work is honoring because we are accessing the field to support a person’s movement to a higher energy state.  And — we will only identify and access what the person is ready for in that moment in time.  It is their system; their energy field. Their energy field knows what they need at this moment in time. We will never identify or access patterns people are not ready to transform.

Then, people say, “I realize I have a point of choice”.  It is not a left-brain, “I will not go there anymore.” It is simply, “I don’t need to go there anymore”.  Something has changed within and they can maintain their coherence.  If they cannot maintain that coherence, they have another session supporting them in maintaining their higher energy state. They do not have to keep spiraling down into non-coherence.

It is all energy – the physical body is energy – and the physical body can shift as fast as the speed of light.  We identify the dissonant frequency holding negativity in place whether it is in the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual body.  As they move on through the process, people spiral up and experience profound transformation.